Case #1 - Migration

Many of our individual clients do not know how to deal with their assets and other issues before migration to another country.  Issues that they often face include tax residency problem, estate tax, asset allocation and local settlement problem. Without a professional's consultation and planning, clients often felt frustrated and regret.  Therefore, we are here to help those in needs and make sure the whole procedures run smoothly for their beloved.   

Case #2 - Taxation

We helped many individuals and corporations in the provision of tax compliance and consultation services since the incorporation of the company.  Simple work starting from filing of profits tax return to complicated project in cross-country tax planning are under our scope of service.  As a tax representative of yours, we intend to provide you the best service with quickest response.   

Case #3 -

Value added service

As a gatekeeper of our clients, we provided value-added services to clients in serving their best interest.  Our connections include banking, insurance, accounting, immigration, property and mortgage, and valuation etc. In this regards, our clients are loyal to our company because they found the intrinsic value of us, not just being as their supplier, but as a supportive and long term business partner.