Headquartered in Hong Kong, Spectrum Consulting Limited provides an one-stop solution to individual clients and corporations.  Under the rapid changing environment and economic globalization, information are transferred faster and have easily been accessed.  The demand of "now" becomes more important.    Because of that, we see this as an opportunity, as worldwide clients seek for someone who can answer all of their questions from simple to complex or solve their issues in the shortest period of time.  In 2018, our founder set up this company which intends to link up the right expertise to the right clients and has been proven successful.

Our company consists of different expertise which create "synergy" for our clients.  We believe that "synergy" maximize our client's interest and return in a timely manner, through our firm's collaboration and connection, and becomes the key belief of us.  Through our cooperation with in-house and external parties including accountants, lawyers, bankers, trust expertise, sponsors, property agents, insurance agents and headhunters, we have successfully build an extensive network in Hong Kong, China and overseas. 

Our in-house expertise are as follows:-

Dickson CV.jpg
Dickson Wong, CPA

Originally born in Hong Kong but raised in Canada, Dickson sees great opportunities in the Asia Market.  He has extensive professional experience in accounting, banking and insurance industries for over 15 years including Pricewaterhousecoopers and KPMG etc. With his specialization in accounting, taxation and business advisory,  he is able to create value for those high-net-worth individuals and corporations with his services and connection with various parties.  Currently, he also runs a professional team in insurance company focuses on high-net-worth clients in Hong Kong and China.

Jack CV.jpg
Jack Fong, CPB
Mortgage specialist 

Jack has more than 8 years of experience in asset management and is one of the directors of Mortgage Master, a well-known mortgage referral advisor in Hong Kong.  With his extensive experience in the industry, he is able to grasp mortgage plans and latest offers of banks and financial institutions. No matter arranging new mortgage, remortgage or refinancing, he can provide detailed analysis and assessment to help you easily select the most suitable mortgage plan in the fast-changing mortgage market.

Leo Chan
Property consultant  

Born in Hong Kong and educated in Vancouver, Leo is passionate about real estate in big cities. In 2018, Leo has serviced more than 20 clients with purchasing and selling real estate in Vancouver, accounting for over 15 million Canadian dollars in sales transactions. Throughout your different stages of life, whether you are a first time home buyer, a growing family, a retiring downsizer, or an avid investor, he will be there every step of the way to facilitate your real estate goal.